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Upminster Windmill

Follow the line from the inception of the Windmill in 1803 to today's management by the Friends.

The Windmill is being restored to full working order.




The walls of 15 buildings have been exposed including the unique Steam Mill and a well.



Read about this extraordinary family so tied up with the history of the Windmill.

See the amazing and beautiful interactive 3D models of the windmill, steam mill and much more.‚Äč

View the fascinating images of the work being carried out both here and in Holland.

Ever wondered how wind could produce the power to grind wheat down to flour? Find out here!


the Mill works

Special articles and guest articles not permanently included in other sections are featured here.

Upminster Windmill is managed on behalf of the London Borough of Havering by The Friends of Upminster Windmill. Registered Charity 1162180


Upminster Windmill

Friends of

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