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Updated 18 October 2020


Upminster Windmill is being restored to working order.


The project is managed through a partnership between the Friends of Upminster Windmill and the London Borough of Havering. Generous funding is being provided by National Lottery Heritage Fund and Veolia Maintenance Trusts.


The work is being undertaken by Dutch millwright Willem Dijkstra. Work began in 2016 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.


The work so far:


1. Removal of the cap and sails in 2016. This dramatic event can be viewed on YouTube.


2. Removal of the external gallery and weatherboarding and the erection of scaffolding and the application of a polythene wrap to protect the structure against the weather during the restoration.


3. Refurbishment of the brickwork surrounding the ground floor.


4. Repairs to some of the structural cross-beams and to the floor-boarding.

Repair or replacement of the structural timbers of the smock tower.


5. The application of new weatherboarding to the refurbished structure, allowing the scaffolding and polythene wrap to be removed.


6. Construction of a new external gallery.


7. Refurbishment of the cap in the Dutch workshop and its transportation back to the UK.


8. Construction of four new sails, again in the Dutch workshop, and their transportation to the UK.


The cap is now being assembled at ground level and new weatherboarding is being applied. The aim is to complete the work and lift the cap and sails back into position before the end of 2020.


Considerable progress has also been made on the repair and refurbishment of the extensive internal milling machinery, with the majority of the input coming from volunteers. This too should be completed by the end of the year, allowing the mill to work again.


After the restoration phase is completed, the grounds will be cleared of equipment and grassed over, allowing the public to enjoy the whole area once again. Due to the pandemic, we are unable to say when the mill will be open to the public.


The project included the provision of a new visitor centre where people can learn about the mill and its rich history. The building has been completed and is in use, though it will not function as a full visitor centre until the mill is open to the public.


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Upminster Windmill is managed on behalf of the London Borough of Havering by The Friends of Upminster Windmill. Registered Charity 1162180


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